10 May 2020
Covid 19 Insights / May 2020 – Sagasser Tax & Law participated in this world wide in-depth study on the legal and tax effects of Covid 19 for France and Germany.

FRANCE In March 2020, French authorities have introduced (i) strict restrictions on movement of the population and (ii) ordered the administrative closedown of many activities (schools, cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc.)…

17 Apr 2020
Zoom conference with Teimour Agaev : Coronavirus and legal measures

Teimour Agaev, member of Paris Bar, partner at Sagasser and ASTEY law firms, will participate as a speaker in a webinar hosted by the JuRuss Association of Russian-speaking lawyers. This…

16 Mar 2020
Important CORONAVIRUS – Measures against the CORONAVIRUS in France How to limit the effects on your business

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear customers, Like all French and German firms, our offices must adapt its activity to take into account the restrictions resulting from the exceptional measures taken by…

18 Dec 2019
Real estate investments – recent developments in French law

Whether you have already existing real estate investments in France or you contemplate to invest in France, please find hereafter a selection of the main recent legal, tax and regulatory…

15 Oct 2019
Étienne Épron and Ednan Agaev will attend the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum in Sotchi on the 23rd and 24th of october 2019

Étienne Épron, managing partner of the Paris office of Sagasser law firm, and Ednan Agaev, managing partner of the Moscow office will attend the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum in…

04 Oct 2019
Attendance at the Expo Real

Sabine Leuschner and Étienne Épron, partners of Sagasser, will be at the Expo Real held in Munich from the 7th of october until the 9th. The Expo Real is the reference international trade fair on…

03 Oct 2019
Arrival of a new partner : Sabine Leuschner

SAGASSER has the privilege of welcoming its new partner: Sabine Leuschner. Sabine Leuschner, attorney-at-law admitted to the Paris and Frankfurt Bars, specialises in international taxation and has extensive experience in…

01 Oct 2019
Arrival of a new partner : Teimour Agaev

In the pursuit of the international development of Sagasser law firm, Teimour Agaev joins us as a partner and more particularly integrates the Corporate law and Mergers & Acquisitions departments.…

22 Oct 2018
Étienne Épron was the guest of France 24 morning show, Friday 19th of October 2018

Étienne Épron, partner at SAGASSER law firm, was the guest of Philomé Robert on France 24 morning show. He intervened as expert on the international sanctions against Russia.   

18 Oct 2018
Interview on France 24

On Friday, October 19, at 8:30, Étienne ÉPRON, partner at SAGASSER SELAS law firm, will be invited by Philomé ROBERT in the morning show of France 24 for an unprecedented…