Transformation of companies

25 Jun 2024

Newly published in the 6th edition in January 2024:

Transformation of companies – mergers, divisions, changes of legal form, asset transfers

Edited by Dr. Bernd Sagasser and Thomas Bula


The new presentation of the 6th edition focuses on the mobility of companies in the European Union. It contains everything about conversion processes inside and outside the Conversion Act in an enlarged presentation: in addition to the innovations resulting from the reform of partnership law and the additional possibilities due to the European Mobility Directive, the 6th edition also describes the tax and commercial balance sheet treatment supplemented by case studies and sample formulations for immediate implementation.


The publisher – C.H.BECK Taxes Publishing House C.H.BECK oHG – writes:


The 6th edition is available in hardcover ( as well as in digital form (

An exciting book project with dedicated editors (Dr. Bernd Sagasser, Thomas Bula) and an outstanding team of authors: Stephan Abele, Claudia Bultmann, Barbara Clasen, Margarete Gutkes, Dr. Johanna Kübler, Sabine Leuschner, Dr. Antje Luke, Dr. Theo Luy, Benjamin Rapp, Julia Sagasser, Dr. Julia Schloesser, Dr. Monika Schmidt, Kai Schöneberger, Alexander Thees.

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