Infrastructure Projects & Public Policy Advocacy

Our team offers public policy advocacy services and assistance within complex international infrastructure projects

SAGASSER’s team is composed of a group of experienced and renowned public policy advocates, familiar with the ways decisions are made, who are backed by a secure support system of resources, personnel and technology.

Combining a boutique firm culture with international firm resources, we provide you with personalized treatment and bespoke strategy. In order to achieve this objective and deliver an in-depth analysis of the legal, political, regulatory and business factors revolving around the issues that are most important to you, we embrace a solid interdisciplinary approach.

Our strategic overview, policy expertise and tight relationships with decision-makers around the world allows us to anticipate legal and regulatory changes, in order to efficiently and effectively develop and implement integrated projects for our clients.

Relying on the knowledge and proficiency of our lawyers in related practice areas, our team understands the requirements for a private entity to structure and execute projects involving the participation of public entities.

By bringing together a comprehensive knowledge of regulatory landscapes and our understanding of the practicalities of business, law and government, we are able to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients under exceedingly challenging legal proceedings and identify key players.

We advise in particular investors in relation to infrastructure projects / Public Private Partnerships with regard to all constraints imposed by public law, including public procurement, zoning and construction, environment, competition law, and labour and pensions schemes. In this context, we provide access to the most up-to-date regulations, rules and decisions and advise on forthcoming laws, EU directives and changes in the “legal climate”.

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